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Sound Equipment Rental

The BVFMS has a good selection of sound equipment available for rent.

Ranging from a simple, user friendly Yorkville powered board, accompanied by main and monitor speakers, associated cables and mics, to a full on 3 way system with power to spare for most rooms and outdoor venues in our area, we will likely be able to help out with your sound and production needs.

Gear brand names like Shure, QSC, Soundcraft, Allen and Heath, Midas, Jensen, EV, and dbx assure renters of quality equipment for their events and presentations. Analog mixing consoles include a Yorkville 16 channel powered mixer, Allen and Heath 16 channel Mixwizard, and a 24 channel Soundcraft 200B. We also have a digital unit available for qualified renters, a Midas M32. There is a choice of lighting units available, a Lightronics board with 2 stands with 4 par cans each side , and a Yorkville LED set with 4 light heads per side.

For more information and rates, please contact George Stokes at 250.847.9077.