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Marshal Boucher Memorial Award

The Bulkley Valley Folk Music Society (BVFMS) is pleased to announce an award in memory of Marshal Boucher, a Wet’suwet’en resident of the Bulkley Valley who was an active member of the local music community. Marshal was the type of person people liked to gather around; he loved everyone and easily brought people together around music and friendship.  He was a beacon of positive influence and an incredibly talented musician, so to honor his memory, this award will give consideration to the character of the recipient. 

The BVFMS has as part of its mandate “to promote the development of music and musicianship in the Bulkley Valley”.  This award is intended to support and promote continued education in the performance arts, with preference given to a student intending to develop their musicianship.  

Performance art takes many forms as does its study.  It is our wish to support the most deserving applicant in whatever form that study may take.  That said, we would prefer the applicant is planning to attend a post-secondary school or another established institution, but all reasonable options may be considered.

To be eligible for this award the applicant must reside in the geographical region between Witset and Quick. 

The person receiving this award:

  • Will have clear goals to pursue a professional level in performance arts.
  • Will show an aptitude for their chosen art form.
  • Will show a pattern of persistence in achieving their artistic goals.
  • Will have an established involvement in a performance art in the school and/or community such as a history of public performances, participating in related extra-curricular activities, or belong to a society/club promoting performance art in the community.

After consideration of the above criteria, preference will be given to a student who demonstrates financial need.

Application Deadline:  May 31, 2024

Download Application Form >>

The Marshal Boucher Memorial Award is $1000.  The successful applicant will receive the award upon confirmation of enrollment in their chosen program or institution.  

Receipt of the Scholarship may be deferred for no longer than one year.  The request for deferment must be made in writing to the Bulkley Valley Folk Music Society.