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Adult Guitar Camp

We are now taking Registrations for 2023.  There are 35 spots available so get your registrations in now!!

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2017 Adult Guitar Camp

2014 Adult Guitar Camp


August 12 – 17, 2023
Camp Caledonia
2818 Telkwa High Road Telkwa, BC


$700 per person and includes all meals, accommodation, and instruction.
A 50% deposit ($350) is required with your registration form.


Rick Fines/Linda McRae
Ben Brookes/Allan Cormier Jon Bjorgan
Mark Thibeault
George Stokes
Taylor Poffenroth


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Saturday – campers and Instructors arrive at Camp Caledonia anytime after 2PM. You will receive your camper package and find your place to camp. There are 4 cabins with 10 single bunks per cabin or you can set up a tent or RV. No hookups for RVs but a lot of camping space. Dinner is 6:00pm followed by an Instructor’s concert on site. Students will receive a preview of the upcoming classes.

Sunday to Wednesday – classes run for the 4 days. Campers can pick up to 3 courses per day (2 is fine depending on your level). Whatever courses you pick, you stay with those classes for the duration of camp as the classes progress over the 4 days. Classes and mini sessions run from 9am to 5pm each day. And this year you can sign up to make a recording of your favourite tune! After dinner each night, there is a scheduled event which is optional for attendance. Campfires also happen every night, as long as there isn’t a campfire ban. 

Wednesday – Student Concert, held at the Camp and is not open to the Public. 

Thursday – you clean up your living space, pack up, get hugs and say goodbye. See you next year! And camp is over. You go away filled with new learnings, eager to continue! 

Cancellation Policy

No refunds after June 30th unless a replacement can be found.